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We Believe in a Unique and Customized Consulting Experience for your Organization

Your team is unique and your challenges are one-of-a-kind. You need a consulting team with a customized approach. We map our process to each new client based on listening to your needs very closely and then bringing in our years of experience. Hive works with you as a team and models the best practices that we advice you on. Working side by side builds behaviors intrinsically, leaving you with a team that can continue to evolve.

Strategic Planning

When it comes to building your strategic plan, the process is every bit as important as the result. The right approach creates consensus along the way and truly makes use of the collective intelligence of your team. We will guide you through needs assessment, consensus building and then socializing the final result.

Leadership Development

In today’s complex work environment leadership is more important than ever. We help you understand the difference between leading and managing, and the importance of both. Strong leadership spans the challenges of global teams, diverse backgrounds and matrixed organizations. We focus on the behaviors important for leadership.

Team Development

Working in teams is critical to delivering results in today’s environment. Being a successful team mate is every bit as important as being the leader. We will work with your teams to amplify their successful behaviors and to adjust behaviors that are not benefitting the team.


Finding the next “Big Idea” can be challenging in today’s demanding climate for instant results. Tapping into the collective intelligence of a team is one way we help organizations come together to design new approaches for achieving successful outcomes.