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15 Apr The Difference Between Leading and Managing

I’ve had the opportunity to work with many organizations across multiple industries and have learned that many in positions of leadership fail to understand the difference between leading and managing. They know how to harness their individual intelligence and succeed but often struggle with how to achieve success by harnessing the collective intelligence of those that report to them. They often use the term Leader and Manager interchangeably. What John P. Kotter reminds us is that Leadership is about coping with change. More change demands more leadership. Leaders deals with change by:

Setting a direction.

• Developing a vision of the future along with strategies for producing the change

Aligning people.

• Communicating the new direction to those who can create coalitions

Motivating and inspiring.

• Keeping people moving in the right direction

Management is about coping with complexity. Good managers bring a degree of order and consistency to key dimensions like quality and profitability of products. Managers deal with complexity by:

Planning and budgeting.

• Setting targets and goals for the future

Organizing and staffing.

• Organizational structure, staffing jobs, delegating responsibility, and devising systems to monitor implementation

Controlling and problem solving.

• Monitoring results and then planning and organizing to solve the problems

As we enter the planning and budgeting season for many organizations, is your organization ready? Are those in manager roles ready to lead their teams and deal with the complexities of planning and budgeting season? Are your leaders ready to set direction for the coming year and ensure that the team is aligned the organization’s mission and vision?

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