HIVE Partners | To Bee or Not to Bee?
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15 Jul To Bee or Not to Bee?

It would not surprise us if the first time you heard of Hive Partners you thought of bees. Our hexagon logo likely reinforces a visual image of a beekeeper harvesting honey from a hive. Or, maybe worse, it’s killer bees attacking that which they think is threatening their hive and putting it at risk.

How Can Bees Help Your Organization Be Profitable and Grow?

When we think about beehives we see them as analogous to a well-run organization. So it should be of no surprise that Hive Partners is built on the foundational principles provided through nature’s pattern for teamwork – The Hive.
• Every role is necessary.
• Success is dependent on each individual’s expertise and contribution.
• Working together, every team member multiplies the chance for success.
• When under threat, all members rally to protect the “The Hive.”

Examine Your Hive

Did you know that a beehive was considered a symbol of industry in ancient Rome? Additionally, Charles Darwin has been quoted as saying that “The honeycomb is absolutely perfect in economizing labor and wax.” We also know that a hexagon, comprised of six triangles, is considered to be one of the strongest shapes architecturally.

Like a hexagon built for strength and economy, one of the primary goals in creating and developing an organization is to ensure it is strong and sustainable.
Like a hive, bees understand their role in economizing wax and the production of honey.

To achieve success and sustainability, roles and responsibilities are clearly defined within a beehive. According to Hobby Farms there are nine different roles within the hive. This includes nurse & house bees, architects, drones, organizers & honey makers and the Queen just to name a few.

While we could go into the purpose of each role within a beehive, we think it is more important to look at your organization and ask yourself:

• Does each person in your organization have a clearly defined role?
• Does everyone understand how each role contributes to the success of the organization?
• Does everyone understand how the collective is ensuring sustainability?
• If your organization is under threat, is it clear which members of the organization need to step up and lead the defense?

What we have learned in working with organizations is that the first response to these four questions is typically “yes.” But upon deeper examination, we learn that individual roles and team dynamics are misunderstood and misaligned. The result is poor performance and missed expectations.

At Hive Partners we recommend that you engage a trusted individual from either inside your organization or from the outside to evaluate and check for understanding. Gage each team member’s understanding of their individual role and their responsibility toward the sustainability of the organization. Ensure there is recognition and appreciation for the connectivity between roles. And, most importantly, assess their understanding of how roles and responsibilities contribute to the organization’s strategic goals.

How Can Hiveology Transform Your Team?

Hiveology, from Hive Partners, is the art and science of helping organizations and teams transform to ensure growth and profitability through the harvesting of their collective intelligence to create strategic alignment and cooperation around:
• Business Goals & Objectives
• Leadership
• Stakeholder Engagement
• Customer Experience
• High Performing Teams

Leveraging the collective intelligence of the team is the reason you established your team in the first place

To evaluate your organization, Hive Partners believes it starts with self-reflection. The HIVE Performance and Transformation (HPT) Assessment is an 8-question evaluation that is designed to give you a top-line perspective on how you are managing your “Hive.” Take the HPT Assessment today and begin your journey to success.

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